How To Stop Procrastinating

June 15, 2017

Instead of doing your tasks, you tend to open your Instagram or watching videos on Youtube. You know you have to tidy up your room, then your mind says later it will be fine. We're likely having trouble getting started in the first place. Admit it, we have the same problem with that.

What is procrastination anyway? English dictionary says it's the act or habit of delaying something that required immediate attention. No, the actual meaning is not about that. Trust me, procrastination has nothing to do with work, it is a stress-reliever in a wrong way and then become a habit. Yes, we all procrastinate, but none of us is a procrastinator

In this post, I'm going to tell you how to stop this evil. So, let's get jump ride in!

Acknowledge your stress
Like what it said before, we procrastinate just because we're stressed out. Mostly because of work. Don't be sore to yourself. The more you stressed out, the harder it'll be to get your work done. Don't waste the time by yelling at yourself. Have a cuppa, please.

Do it now or lose your productivity
The beginning is always the hardest. But when you get used to it, everything gets easier. So just do it! Then after 5 minutes, you can have a break by scrolling your Instagram whatsoever. Then begin again. I swear it works. I'm writing this post with that method, and eventually, this post is published anyway.

Encourage yourself with the pep talk
Doing the self-talk is actually a great way to calm yourself. It's like you're having a conversation with your own subconsciousness. I usually talk to myself by calling my name like "Edwien, you know you can handle it, right? Come on, you have the power to rock this". Do it louder and ridiculously like Jim Carey if you want.

Make a To-Do-List as a habit
Make a record of all the task you have to accomplish. Daily, weekly, or maybe long-term task. Put this list on paper, or note app on your smartphone and set the deadline as a reminder. When you get used to it, your intuition will grow and you no longer need a reminder.

Listen to music
Is it okay to listen to music while I'm doing a task? If you ask me I will say absolutely yes. Music has a power as a healer. Music is quintessentially a cure for stress. But you can choose your own genre.

Again, procrastination is a stress-reliever. It's fine to acknowledge, as long as you don't let it drag on. Because, by knowing what procrastination is,  it'll be easier for you to take an action.

I personally like to do pep talk. Every time you're lazy, talk to yourself 1-2-3 do it! Because the problem with the most article you read, the podcast you listen to, or videos you watch is that you consume the information but never put into practise or action.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't hesitate to ask in comments below.

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